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Hear from some of our patients....


"My family has a history of serious health issues and I wanted to find a primary care physician that I could trust for the long haul. I had heard great reviews about Dr. Dopson and feel like I can trust him if any concerns arise."

- 35 year old male


"I could never find a doctor that could help me make the lifestyle changes I had been talking about for years. I needed to lose weight and stop smoking. I am smoke free for 2 years and have dropped 30 lbs.!"

- 42 year old accountant


"After my stroke I was so depressed I just wanted to die. With the right medications and therapy, I am back to enjoying life again. Thank you Dr. Dopson."

- 57 year old female


"The last doctor I went to told me that I could bring up only one problem during my appointment! If I had other complaints I had to reschedule another appointment! During my first meeting with Dr. Dopson, we discussed many issues and he taught me how they may be related and which ones we should focus on first. I am finally feeling really strong."

- 26 year old college student


"Dr. Dopson was a Godsend when my mother was dying of cancer. He was sensitive to us children as we tried to make the best decisions for Mom. He spent a great deal of time discussing options for her care. He even went to the hospital to see her."

-55 year old female


"It is so nice to have someone listen to me. You would think a doctor would want to hear about what I experience. It wasn’t until I went to Dr. Dopson did that happen."

- 38 year old teacher


"I had seen multiple doctors over the years and was unable to control my diabetes. It was not until my daughter referred me to Dr. Dopson, did I start to get better."

-  61 year old male farmer


"This is the first time in years that I haven’t had to take handfuls of medications every day. Dr. Dopson worked with me to taper down to only those that I really needed"

- 63 year old female


"Dr. Dopson was the first doctor who actually spent time with me to discuss my concerns. My last primary care doctor barely made eye contact with me during my appointments."

- 45 year old male



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